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 +PCB manufacturing makes raw printed circuit boards.
 +Later some other process (hand-assembly or pick-and-place assembly)
 +solders the various parts to the board.
 +The result is a completed printed circuit board assembly, such as
 +the [[Gen7 Board-ARM v2.0]]
 +and various [[generation 7 electronics#​extension boards]].
 +Some people find trying to get a RepRap to make "its own PCBs" an interesting challenge.
 +In particular, as of 2015 all known self-fabrication processes require relatively wide traces and relatively wide spaces between the traces -- far too wide for most modern CPUs with their tightly-packed pins.
 +But with careful tuning, it is possible for a RepRap-based desktop CNC mill to make spaces and traces narrow enough to fit a few modern CPUs with relatively widely-spaced pins.
 +Traumflug has successfully milled RepRap PCBs on a Wolfstrap.
 +==== Further reading ====
 +Visolate: software for generating G-code for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) by isolation milling.
 +Poul-Henning Kamp.
 +"​Height probing for PCB isolation routing with Eagle/​pcb-gcode"​.
 +"PCB designing and isolation milling using only free Software"​.
 +"A Step-By-Step Guide to Isolation Milling A PCB".
 +List of PCB manufacturers.
 +OSH Park is paticularly hobbyist friendly.
 +Bernhard Kubicek.
 +"notes on PCB milling on repraps."​
 +''​(FIXME:​ has this "​trapezoidal lasercutable pcb mill" or any other PCB mill been released as open hardware?​)''​
 +"First PCB milling success"​
 +implies that adding oil helps PCB milling.
 +Long discussion about milling PCBs on open hardware:
 +Fabio is an Arduino compatible microcontroller board,
 +designed to be milled using a 1/64th inch end mill out of a single layer PCB.
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