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PCB manufacturing makes raw printed circuit boards. Later some other process (hand-assembly or pick-and-place assembly) solders the various parts to the board. The result is a completed printed circuit board assembly, such as the Gen7 Board-ARM v2.0 and various extension boards.

Some people find trying to get a RepRap to make “its own PCBs” an interesting challenge. In particular, as of 2015 all known self-fabrication processes require relatively wide traces and relatively wide spaces between the traces – far too wide for most modern CPUs with their tightly-packed pins. But with careful tuning, it is possible for a RepRap-based desktop CNC mill to make spaces and traces narrow enough to fit a few modern CPUs with relatively widely-spaced pins.

Traumflug has successfully milled RepRap PCBs on a Wolfstrap.

Further reading

Visolate: software for generating G-code for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) by isolation milling.

Poul-Henning Kamp. “Height probing for PCB isolation routing with Eagle/pcb-gcode”.

“PCB designing and isolation milling using only free Software”.

“A Step-By-Step Guide to Isolation Milling A PCB”.

List of PCB manufacturers. OSH Park is paticularly hobbyist friendly.

Bernhard Kubicek. “notes on PCB milling on repraps.” (FIXME: has this “trapezoidal lasercutable pcb mill” or any other PCB mill been released as open hardware?)

“First PCB milling success” implies that adding oil helps PCB milling.

Long discussion about milling PCBs on open hardware:

Fabio is an Arduino compatible microcontroller board, designed to be milled using a 1/64th inch end mill out of a single layer PCB.

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