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 During the modification a lot of pictures were taken, so let's speak these. During the modification a lot of pictures were taken, so let's speak these.
-picture ​picture ​|+{{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_thermistor_removed.jpeg?​direct&​300 |First step is to remove the Thermistor. Try to heat it on both sides, then shove it away.}} | {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_wires_instead_of_thermistor.jpeg?​direct&​300 |Then solder a wire to each of the pads. Requires lots of flux and a steady hand :-)}} | 
 +| {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_wire_hole.jpeg?​direct&​300 |Drill up one of the venting holes in the battery cover. Wires will go through here.}} | {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_wiring.jpeg?​direct&​300 |Then make a knot into the wire pair and run it through the cover hole. This means to be a stress relief, so you don't rip the circuitry apart if you accidently trip over the wire.}} | 
 +| {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_thermistor_on_wire.jpeg?​direct&​300 |After doing the wiring on the PCB side, solder the thermistor removed earlier back onto the other end of the wire pair. Again, this might take a few tries.}} | {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_thermistor_insulated.jpeg?​direct&​300 |As you might mount the thermistor to some metallic surface, insulation of that is a good idea. This is Kapton tape, but its high temperature resistance isn't needed here.}} | 
 +| {{ :​eq-3:​eq-3_model_n_ready_with_external_thermistor.jpeg?​direct&​500 |Assemble everything back together and you're done. That's how the EQ-3 Model N with DIY'd external thermistor looks like.}} ​||
 +With all this done, the Model N works just as before, just room temperature can be measured on a more meaningful position.
 ===== How the Result Works ===== ===== How the Result Works =====
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