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Trace: gen7_endstop

Gen7 Endstop

Gen7 Endstop assembled and ready to use.

Gen7 Endstop assembled and ready to use.

Gen7 Endstop is a general purpose optical endstop compatible with RAMPS, Sanguinololu, Generation 7 Electronics and any other controller running on 5 V or 3.3 V. Simple, affordable and easy to build.

For making or getting a Gen7 Endstop, see the latest version.


As with any maintained piece of technology, there have been improvements over time. Surprisingly few changes, the design works and works and works …

Latest Version, v1.3.1

Latest and most recommended version is Gen7 Endstop 1.3.1.

Changes from v1.3: none, but Generation 7 Electronics got a new version number due to changes, so the endstop got one, too. Version numbering of board and endstop is independent since then.

Older Releases

July 2011: v1.3

Changes from v1.2: none, except for the version number.

May 2011: v1.2

Changes from v1.1:

  • Replaced the no longer available photointerrupter H21LOB with an TCST1103/2103.
  • This caused a whole bunch of other detail changes.

March 2011: v1.1

Changes from v1.0: none, except for the version number.

February 2011: v1.0

This is the initial version, released together with the then brand new Generation 7 Electronics.

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